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Multipure Water Filtration Systems
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           Carole Allen
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QRS is a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) product used by individuals looking for alternative health solutions. For in-home and clinical use.
The Quantron-Resonance System (QRS) is an advanced Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy system (PEMF) for fast pain relief, relaxation and well-being. Pulsed .
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Liveliness, Zest for Life and Life Force represent the Highest Vitality and are the desirable aim of every person. Vitality is not guaranteed. It has to be developed, cared for and preserved.
Compared to our vitality, our health either exists or it doesn’t. But preserving it has become a real challenge at a time when pollution, noise and stress are real challenges.
To face this challenge, it is important to know where to find the source for a vital and healthy life.